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    Nice! I don't post too often here, but I'd be there if there were a few more Star Wars cast and crew members were announced as guests....... Dave Barclay, Alan Austen, John Modridge, Bill Hargreaves, Jack McKenzie, Richard Oldfield, Chris Bunn, Colin Skeaping to name a few.
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    Guests Suggestions

    My first post here, but attended the first con in Cardiff and thoroughly enjoyed it. My guest suggestions for March would be..... Sigourney Weaver. Yaphette Kotto. Ian Holm. John Hurt. Veronica Cartwright. Tom Skerritt. Harry Dean Stanton (though I understand he doesn't like to fly). Heather Langenkamp. John Saxon. Amanda Wyss. Ronee Blakely. Jsu Garcia (Nick Corri). Linda Blair. Henry Cavill. Malcolm McDowell. Michael Tarn. James Marcus. Billy Dee Williams. Peter Mayhew. Clive Revill. Ian Liston. John Ratzenberger. Jack McKenzie. Doug Bradley. Tyler Mane. John Carpenter. Tom Hardy. Andrew Garfield. Dane Dehaan. I'd be there in a heartbeat.