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  1. I saw that and it was kind of funny =)
  2. I had a great time and the staff helped me with my lost tickets. The highlights for me was meeting Sylvester and Paul, and getting a photo with them on the Tardis. I found it very doctor whoish so next year it might be best to try and get Peter and Colin to come to the next one.
  3. So the event is tomorrow and I can't find my tickets, any advice??
  4. Thanks Sindel ! Mind if I ask where the sales table is ?
  5. If we already have a photoshoot planned with Paul. and Sylvester , but don't have one in the Tardis , can we upgrade some how ? Also. will the talks cost to attend ?
  6. Thanks but I meant the Tardis shoot with Paul / Sylvester.
  7. Ok, thank you. I just didn't know what to expect as I've never been before. Also, what is the Tardis shoot ? Do I need to pay more or buy another ticket ?
  8. Hello everyone, I'm new and never been to one of these events before and I was wondering how photoshoots worked? Do i need to do something before the event and what times are they ? Thanks for replies. Also, I've already got tickets to have a photo with Paul and Sylvester so I don't need to get tickets =)
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