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    Look out for me !

    Had a fantastic time, Craig Charles was brilliant.
  2. Hi everyone, I will be filming for my YouTube channel, Krytie TV, so, if you see me, come and say hello.
  3. kry10

    Guest suggestions

    I'd love to see the cast of Red Dwarf, not just one or two, the entire lot of them. I know most of them was at Em-Con, so, if only they could attend this.
  4. Oh well, won't get to meet him now, damn you Coronation Street.
  5. Just been wondering, if you don't want a photo because either you cannot afford one or you already have one, could you take something and get it signed and if so, would you have to pay for that to be signed same as you would the photo ? The reason I am asking is because I have met Robert Llewlleyn and Chris Barrie before and have their autograph's, but, would like to have a couple of items signed if possible. Thanks.
  6. I met Chris at show Manchester Comic Con, lovely guy, terrified him with Mr Flibble, so funny.
  7. For me, the best was, meeting Chris Barrie, Robert Llewllyn, Hattie Haydridge and Judy Pascoe, also met Craig Charles a few years before, next year I should be meeting Danny John Jules, just got to meet Norman and my list is complete.
  8. I have already met Craig a few years ago, but, after meeting the rest of the cast, just need to ask him one question.