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  1. Oh man, I think it's about time I rewatched Masters of the Universe.
  2. Am I the only one more excited for Judge Doom than for Dr. Emmett Brown? Amaaaaazing guest, showmasters. Now just to decide what to get signed.
  3. Amaaaaaaazing guest. Had a great chat with him over the summer.
  4. Yesssssss. I had to pass on meeting her in July due to finances, so I might try again now.
  5. This is a really interesting guest. Will definitely consider meeting her.
  6. I only follow GoT casually but would almost be tempted to get a photo with him just for the laughs. Great announcement.
  7. I was really determined to cosplay the new Ms Marvel but...I just quit my job so figured that I should save some money and not. Maybe for LFCC, instead.
  8. They do ask for people to submit question s sometimes at some cons. I find it interesting to have people randomly ask questions we get some funny stories and sometimes people can come up with some questionss id never though of but get interesting answers, having questions solely put in onine is a little unfair to the audiance when there are people there that have questions that may not be answered in time if they were left till last, people who submit questions online may not actuely be there in the talk when it happens. so overall although the odd person may not be as interested in the crowds questions overall the way showmaster does it at the moment is the most fair and gets some good reactions most of the time. iv been attending showmaster cons for several years i often ask questions some iv prepared in advance and some i come up with on the spur of the moment. But i don't think they need to completely change the way the talks run. Fair points and I didn't necessarily mean to change the format -- as you can see from my post, I also offered suggestions for the actual question process. This, to me, is a more important aspect as a lot of time is wasted handing the mic within the crowd rather than having the crowd queue up somewhere. Plus, all the other little things I mentioned in my original post. I think there can be a happy balance somewhere.
  9. I just watched The Newsies for about the millionth time and would love Bill Pullman, David Moscow and Max Casella. Not to mention Christian Bale. But seriously.
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