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  1. On Saturday, a girl played Mortal Kombat II with me (the arcade machine in the gaming area of EC1 Brompton hall). At first I won, but then I showed her some Liu Kang special moves (fireball, flying kick) and then she beat me up :-) It was fun. I thought she was really nice and she liked the game which is also cool. After we played, she had to leave for the Sherlocked preview. If she reads this: Could you please send me message? I'm happy to get to know other fans. Or does someone know her? (to describe me: I'm male, have glasses & had no cosplay; to describe her: she had long brown hair, a lip piercing & also no cosplay)
  2. I only went to LFCC 2014 because of Stan Lee. I bought a Comic Gold ticket for this. As I was also at another event for Stan, I really can say that the LFCC 2014 was less satisfactory in almost every way for me. No misunderstanding here: Stan himself was absolutely amazing!! It is fantastic that he came to London at the age of 91 and he worked very hard to please as many fans as possible with signings, photo shoots, etc. The reason I am disappointed is because of the way Showmasters has organized the events: - "Stan Lee talk (Audience)" and all other talks at Super Stage: The sound system was really bad. Much echoes, often the speakers on stage were difficult to understand. - "Stan Lee Meet & Greet": The event was planned in this way: There were several tables (maybe 8-9?). No chairs, so all people standing. Showmasters planned that Stan walks from table to table so he talks with the fans. To be clear: A 91 YEAR OLD MAN WAS SUPPOSED TO WALK AND STAND FOR 30-45 MINUTES WITHOUT ANY POSSIBILITY OF SITTING DOWN!!! That's completely unacceptable and would have been an impertinence for Stan. Luckily for Stan this plan was changed last-minute and instead it was a Q&A on stage where he could sit while talking to us. Luckily for Stan, but unfortunately for the fans. This way it was no real "Meet & Greet". The Meet & Greet elsewhere was much more personal with much less people. I hoped to say some sentences to Stan, but it was not possible. Why couldn't Showmasters simply organize that we meet Stan in a room, he would sit in front of us and speaks with a small group (or several small groups one after another)? Someone wrote there were 150 people, this could be an exact estimate and 150 at the same time is way too much for a Meet & Greet. - The air conditioning was not good, in EC1 (Brompton hall) as well as in EC2: I feel sorry for Stan. When I with my 30 years had problems with this, then Stan with 91 years also had. - "goody pack with some exclusive items" & "private gold chill out room": As other people have already described on this board, the items in the goody pack were garbage and the gold room was pathetic. The only Stan event which was really better than at another event were the photo shoots with Stan. I have a picture with him from both conventions and the picture from LFCC 2014 has clearly better quality (much better illumination). Stan was absolutely great, he is the nicest guy and what he did for his fans at this convention was incredible, especially at his age. But the organization from Showmasters is the reason why I left the convention unsatisfied, mainly because of my missed opportunity to speak for some seconds with him at the "Meet & Greet". And now I wonder if this thread will be deleted.
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