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  1. 24 days to go!!! I may well get bored of this soon... but seeing how far I can go!
  2. QUIZ ANNOUCEMENT: Just keeping everyone in the loop that the picture round and General Nerdlage rounds are now complete! However, there is a small twist... the pictures this year are not guaranteed to include anyone who has previously attended.... (sorry Wrong Name) and for the first time in our short history, the General Nerdlage round WILL NOT be multiple choice! This should increase the competitive edge a little! Stay geeky my friends :) Pen x
  3. It's the weekend :) giving Nate a rest... however... 26 days to go!!!
  4. That's more of an incentive to carry on to be honest
  5. 28 days to go!!! Just 4 weeks to LFCC!!!
  6. The general nerdlage round can cover anything from any fandom that you might see at the con - there is no real rhyme or reason as to the questions that are chosen, beyond looking at what people had voted for but did not get chosen as a starting point :) Be good to have you both there, make sure you add your names to the list either here or on FB :)
  7. It's accessible from street to the main part of the pub. The quiz is on the main floor so there should be no access issues :)
  8. Did it on my phone and not desktop. Doesn't give a font size option :)
  9. Hi Lenny, As mentioned in previous posts we do have our annual unofficial forum meet up and pub quiz on the Saturday evening of the con. This is held at a pub around the corner from Olympia and the quiz starts around 7.30pm New faces are always welcome, and you can certainly head along with your friend. The Facebook event is set as private, but I have no problem with people contacting me to be added, or you can just pop your names on the list in the forum thread. Do feel free to let me know if you have any questions. Thanks Pen
  10. Nope... this is going to carry on until the day :)
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