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  1. Hi I received hard copy tickets before it changed to eventbrite. Im assuming these hard copy tickets are still valid for London?
  2. Requesting guest for LFCC 15 horror female actress heroine Heather Langenkamp
  3. I would like to reequest guest Cosplayer Kristen Hughey
  4. For those wondering website for Calliecosplay is http://www.calliecosplay.com/. Hope you guys at showmasters take look.
  5. Rob Williams, Jack Herbert & Kevin Smith
  6. I would like to suggest inviting Callie Cosplay from the US to your UK conventions. She is a friendly and highly professional cosplayer of comic books. Please check out her Twitter, Facebook and website to see for yourself. I hop you agree after seeing her pics she be a fine addition to your conventions.
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