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  1. If we pay on the door - will we have numbers alloctaed and be restricted to what shoot we can do? We are coming to meet Anthony Joshua and will be paying on door, but due to time restrictions/travel etc we will only be able to do it if we can take part in the first shoot 11-11.20am, or else not worth our while. Thanks :)
  2. Hi There I only just found out about this event!!! Iplan to come up early tomorrow to try to catch Anthony Joshua at 11-11.20am. My questions are: A) What is all this about ticket numbers? If we pay on the door early morn tomorrow and buy a photoshoot ticket when we arrive with AJ, will we be put in later photoshoots? The reason I ask is that we have to leave by 12.30pm as my fiance has his first boxing match (funnily enough!) tomorrow in Bham and we have to get home., so we would need to get pic at 11-11.20am. I am worried that we might get there and find we have only access to la
  3. Hi guys - how far before each lecture/photoshoot should we arrive? First time for us so no sure what to expect! I dont have lecture tickets for some - can I buy on the door?
  4. Hi guys sorry if this info is already posted but I want to double check as travelling a long way on Saturday to get to Autographica. We have early bird tickets for saturday and interested in seeing Buzz & Astronauts which we have in hand as they were a gift. We also have Photo with Buzz purchased, which I ordered on 16th March (too late to make the postal deadline it seems.) I just want to check, what do I need to bring with me to collect tickets - just my paypal confirmation email? where do I go to collect tickets and presumably as I am picking up on the day, I don't need to order post
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