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  1. Hi there. I think showmasters have done a excellent job promoting collectormania Glasgow. My only problem is that there has been tons of news and none of its been put on the website (apart for adding new people from the guest list). If you cant fix this then its no worry. I understand how busy showmasters are at the moment. :)
  2. The Doctor has Regenerated. He has taken the form of an older man unlike the last few of his previous incarnations. The look, The Style and The Accent have all changed quite dramatically. A New body would mean new adventures with his current Companion Clara Oswald. A Young Girl who travels with the Doctor and she isn't afraid to ask why. The Doctor had regenerated from his previous self who took the form of a young man but with old eyes which where heavy of all the weight of everything he had seen and done in his life. The TARDIS was crashing fast. The newly regenerated Doctor and Clara were avoiding sparks in the exploding interior. "What's Happening?" Clara screamed with a panicked tone in her voice. "We're probably crashing!!!" Replied the Doctor who was stumbling all over the room which was falling through space. He told Clara to stay calm but had one question for Clara. "DO YOU HAPPEN TO KNOW HOW TO FLY THIS THING" He said sounding extremely anxious. Turns out a side effect of Regeneration has happened. Amnesia. With a ginormous bang and a few explosions the TARDIS blew up and crashed. The room had calmed down. A few sparks were still coming from the coming from the console and a few flames were still burning on the floor but the place was silent as a mouse. The Doctor walked slowly to the doors. He carefully opened them. " Where are we/" Clara asked with a tone of relief. The Doctor had a look around the location he was in and smiled. "Victorian London" The Doctor said happily.
  3. Hello there, this morning I was looking through the doctor who tag on showmasters forum and saw that the guest announcement for peter purves for collectormania Glasgow 2014 was there. It wasn't on the Glasgow 2014 forum but even worse... it wouldn't let me access it!!! COULD SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHATS GOING ON???!!!! Thanks....-Sean
  4. Hi there I Will Be attending CollectorMania Glasgow in August and I noticed that in the forum no one started a topic on a WhoLock Convention. I think that if it ever happens... (which I highly doubt) I think it should happen not just in Glasgow all over Britain. (Just like The Comic Cons set up by Showmasters) I know that this might not happen but I hope Showmasters can take this into consideration. :)
  5. Im loving these doctor who suggestions! I hope someone doctor who related shows up on the Saturday. I would like to see someone from doctor who, Sherlock or STAN LEE
  6. How many guests will be attending collectormania Glasgow 2014?
  7. HI There. I was wondering if it would be free to get your own merchindise signed?
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