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  1. Was looking to go on the Sunday of LFCC and was very stupid to miss the cut-off time for ticket purchases. If I arrived at 11:00am, do you still think that would be enough time to get tickets, or would they sell out by then. Wasn't looking to meet any of the 'major' guests. thanks in advance?
  2. Doctor Who Series 8 cast Star Wars ep 7 cast Hopefully it will be just as awesome as CM21 was!
  3. Autograph dedications are included in the price. But in the event of incredibly busy guests (Stan Lee a prime example) may not be dedicating autos due to the amount of time it takes. Hope that helps :)
  4. I'm not complaining, awesome guests! But is that the 'epic' guest announcement for today? Just curious...
  5. Was thinking of starting a Star Wars canvas to get signed at LFCC. Was just wondering what ink from sharpies is like on these and past experiences people have had with getting them signed. Does the ink fade easily? Is it easy for the guests to write on? etc. Thanks in advance!
  6. Was looking to pre-order a few autos but noticed that some guests are missing for the online shop. Is this because they are not taking part in pre-orders? Some of the guests are: Sarah Parrish, Andrew Cartmel, Clifton Collins, Aidan Cook, Anneke Wills and Colin Baker- was looking to preorder a couple of these. Also I noticed there was one multi signed item in the online store and so came up with a few suggestions for more: Jason Narvy and Paul Schrier Lena Headey and Natalie Dormer Robert Emms and Jack Donnelly Jenna Coleman and Jemma Redgrave I understand it takes a lot of organisation
  7. I'm not attending LFCC, but do you need an LFCC ticket to attend this?
  8. Still waiting for John Hurt to be announced He's in the Uk at the moment and it would be brilliant timing just after the 50th anniversary!
  9. Can I just say how well organised CM21 was! Brilliant, I met Arthur Darvill, Paul McGann, Eric Roberts, Sylvester Mccoy and Jean Marsh who were all brilliant and friendly throughout the day.Almost everything about this event was perfect! ... Except for the bus service, which, in fact, I didn't actually use! The first bus I was due to catch arrived 20 minutes late and there wasn't enough room to fit everyone on- so I paid to get to the stadium.But when I was due to go back to the train station, the bus was again late, this time 15 minutes. The bus driver dropped the passengers off but didn't l
  10. was that picture at Eric Robert's table and, also, do you know if he was posing for photos?
  11. Hi everyone, Hope everyone who's there today is enjoying it- will be there from tomorrow! Just wondering, is there a photo available which has both Eric Roberts and Paul Mcgann on it from the Doctor Who Tv movie? Cheers, Also is it hot at the venue? It's boiling where I am!
  12. 10x8- signed by Eric Roberts and Paul McGann 10x8- signed by Sylvester McCoy and Jean Marsh 10x8- signed by Billy Boyd 10x8- signed by Arthur Darvill Basically lots of Who guests!
  13. I must have completely missed that on the website! That pretty much clears everything up! Out of curiosity, has any guest ever sold out?
  14. 1) Still a little confused about the VQ ticket system :/ Do you get a VQ ticket when you join the back of a guests line or is there a specific table where you can collect VQ tickets? 2)Am getting there at about 11:30, do VQ tickets for major guests, say Arthur Darvill, sell out or is this usually quite rare? Thanks for your help in advance!
  15. My train gets in at 11:00 am, going to be very close as to whether I catch the bus or not!
  16. First timer for CM, so just wondering the easiest way to access the stadium. Would it be easier to go from Bletchley station or Milton Keynes Central? If so would you need to take the bus from Bletchley or is it walking distance?
  17. Thanks for your fast reply! Yes, I should be staying to those times anyway
  18. As I am coming from the Isle of Wight (it's quite confusing!) I was just wondering what the best time to arrive at CM21 is? I am able to arrive at 11:00am so is this ok or a little too late? Would there be enough time to meet guests like Arthur Darvill, Paul McGann, etc?
  19. very nice guest! CM21 will be very busy- do you turn people away if it is full?
  20. It says on the website that he is only appearing on the Sunday, which one is correct?
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