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  1. You can go up any time after your batch has been called, including a later time slot if the guest has one. So if you have a batch 1 ticket you will be called up after gold passes, but can join the queue anytime after that (as long as the shoot is still taking place). If you are batch 8 though, you will most likely be in the second slot and not be able to queue until then. Cool, that makes sense, thanks for the reply!
  2. If I buy a photo ticket in batch 1, does that mean that on the day I will be in the first batch of photos taken early in the morning? For big guests there are usually more than one photo session, are you tied to a specific time slot?
  3. Had a great day today. Although the morning seemed rather crowded and packed, it thinned out in the afternoon which was great. I met Wendy Padbury who is one of the nicest people I have met- her talk was also brilliant. I also got an auto from Carl Weathers and, although the chat was only brief, was very nice too. Overall the day was great and it ran very smoothly, only complaint is that security were a little shouty if you were accidentally in the wrong place.
  4. She's listed on the 'Guest days & prices Cardiff' post, but can't see her anywhere lelse. Just wondering if she's attending?
  5. There is a way of knowing: look at how many tickets have been sold and the number of tickets that can be sold, surely?
  6. Hello, was looking at coming on the Sunday now. Is there any danger of tickets selling out at all and the possibility of buying tickets on the door. I know it seems unlikely but just wanted to make sure.
  7. The more the 'Merry'-er! See what I did there?
  8. Paul McGann and Arthur Darvill, both fantastic!
  9. It says on the website John Leeson is on the Saturday, which one is correct?
  10. I think there is great potential for group shoots at this con, particularly with Doctor Who guests. You could have: Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred Sylvester McCoy and Bonnie Langford John Levene and Katy Manning Sarah Sutton and Matthew Waterhouse Chris Barrie and Robert Llewellyn What do you guys think? (There also appears to be a mistake on the website with it stating that Nicola Bryant's autos and shoots are £25 each... can't imagine this has risen from £10!)
  11. 1) Are photoshoots available to purchase on the day? 2) Is the Colin Baker costume photoshoot in full costume or those costume-tshirt things? 3) Will there be double/group Back to the Future photoshoots? Many thanks in advance!! :)
  12. Damn, I can't attend this event, great guest though, London or Bournemouth please
  13. I'm getting these as well, it doesn't happen all the time, but it's definitely to do wiyhe the website
  14. won't be able to make it unfortunately, but it will definitely be a great event!
  15. totally agree, James Cosmo (Father Christmas) has done a few cons before so could also be a possibility
  16. Showmasters book guests based on what people want otherwise they wouldn't sell any tickets. If they booked Katie Hopkins there would be an absolute outrage- thats what this forum is for- to express your views on the particular matter at hand.
  17. that's what a forum is for- for people to exchange their views on a particular matter. If a lot of people don't like a particular guest or give negative feedback then Showmasters will take that into consideration for next time. You need negative criticisms in order to improve anything.
  18. I noticed he hasn't appeared on the website since his announcement, is there a particular reason for this or just a mistake lol?
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