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  1. Thing is if you have a near dark reunion you will have built up an amazing aliens reunion anyway!!! The 3 main Neark Dark stars - Janette Goldstein, Lance Henrikson and Bill Paxton are 3 of the main stars in Aliens Yeah but it would only them and jenny wrighjt and adrian pasdar you with the aliens there are to many big names meaning how many would come and do conventions????????????
  2. Thanks to you Chris I got my Shaun Of the Dead 10x8 signed by the cast and director, Simon Pegg even dedicated. Cheers again Thanks Si. Thank god my work is ok with me abit flexable with my hours otherwise id wouldn beable go to some of these YO.
  3. I think we havent had Aliens guests as its been hard to get anyone ok?????????? Just my view. Now what if we had a cult film that didnt have as many big stars in like a fave film of mine NEAR DARK or even SHAUN of the DEAD In this case Alien reunion wouldn be so stressfull as we havent alot of guests yet or are Showmasters waiting to through it on us come SO ME THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I must agree with buff please give us some Alien stars please.............................
  6. Just found out that Keira Knightly was in this she played the princess's decoy who new this? She is such a babe
  7. Why is it When Obi One Kenobi and Yoda Dies they desapair into the spirit realm. Yet When vader And Qui gon gin dies and many others in Attack Clones they just lie there why is this??? Do Kenobi and Yoda have special bus passes to me thinks not young pader one!
  8. I dont mean to be funny i think the bloke is great really loves the fans etc. But please get dominic Sean or Elijah please. Whos with me cause i cant keep getting billys signature all the time.
  9. I was just thining what about Jean Reno & Natalie Portman?????? anyone sceen LEON what abcolute Classic I would love to meet them i really would plus they are great other films they have starred in. Leon Starwars Mission Impossible Ronin Godzilla and meny more.
  10. When you go to book signings what the chance of getting posters etc signed??????????????? Just wondered when people here have gone to places do you get turned away more than or do you get the nod??? please place your views.
  11. The prob is he is recovering fromhis ilness porr bloke he is a great actor and would love to meet him as he is an english great not only on the big screen all round entertainer.
  12. Hiya i was up London last nigt and guess what Molly ringwald is in When harry met sally Who is a major 80s star. And guess what Christian Slater is in 1 Flew over the cuckoos nest Please SM get this great actor as he is over why not ask him i? He is great in TRUE ROMANCE and he was in name of the rose with Ron Perlman so its double your money time! Come you can do it.
  13. Please o please i have already asked for this so many times. Anyone from this film would be great have a Tarantino reunion WWWWWHHHHHHHOOOOOOOO
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