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I'm 30,single,shy but a big fan of sci-fi,fantasy & horror,my all time faves being classic Star Wars,Star Trek & Doctor Who,Ghostbusters,Alien,Red Dwarf,Firefly/Serenity,70's,80's & 90's horror films,80's cartoons,Marvel & DC comics & movies & many more.


I'm into rock music,my fave bands are Nickelback,Evanescence,Flyleaf,Linkin Park,Within Temptation,Limp Bizkit,Bon Jovi,Papa Roach & Staind,I also like a bit of old school hip hop too such as 2 Pac & Notorious BIG.


I also love cats,I have 2 myself,I like classic BBC comedy tv series ranging from Dad's Army & Only Fools & Horses to Bottom & Men Behaving Badly & like to drink beer & the occasional whisky & am really interested in British Steam Engines/Heritage Railways/Vintage Vehicles & Model Railways & like to read Bill Bryson's travel books,Thriller & Detective/Crime novels by James Patterson & Asterix comic books.


I have been to my 1st ever LFCC on Saturday 6th July,I had a photo session with the lovely Louise Jameson & then she personalised & signed my photo,also met Peter Mayhew & got a signed but unpersonalised photo,which was ok,finally had some photos with the Ecto 1 from Ghostbusters,awesome & got loads of great pics with the cosplayers & bought some nice merchandise for my collection,great day,Showmasters were very helpful with their advice.



I also attended Winter LFCC in October 2013,even more impressive,these shows keep going from strength & strength,I'm attending the summer LFCC once again on Saturday 12th July,I'm so excited & hopefully work & other commitments permitting in the diary the Winter LFCC event once again in October.


I recently attended LFCC on Saturday 12th July 2014,very overcrowded at times,but I still managed to achieve all I set out to do,I had a photo shoot with Terry Farrell who was really sweet & kind & looked gorgeous as ever,she signed my photo to me as well & I also met Slavitza Jovan who was very nice too & Michael Ensign who was very pleasant to chat to as well.


I also got some great photos with cosplayers,wow even more amazing costumes this time,as well as getting photos with the Transformers & Batmobile cars,so cool & I even got to have photos of me wearing a Ghostbusters' Proton Pack,brilliant.

My "famous people whom I would like to meet" list: Wendy Padbury,Katy Manning,Tom Baker,Peter Davison,John Rhys Davies,Karen Allen,Alison Doody,Ivan Reitman,Dan Aykroyd,Ernie Hudson,Annie Potts,William Atherton,Slavitzka Jovan,Terry Farrell,Sigourney Weaver,Robert Englund,Lisa Wilcox,Doug Bradley,Gunnar Hansen,Angus Scrimm,Tony Todd,Mr T,Dwight Schultz,Dirk Benedict,Lou Ferrigno,Jeremy Bulloch,Anthony Daniels,Paul Blake,Jessica Alba,Jennifer Garner,Rebecca Romijn Stamos,Anna Paquin,Famke Janssen,Sarah Pinborough, & many more.

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