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  1. Oh Bloody Hell!! She was one of the main reasons for me going this time. I hate it when drop outs occur so close to the date!
  2. Good catch! (Gawd, I make it sound like fishing! ) I met Mr. Warner a few years ago. Lovely man and a great actor!
  3. Oh wow! This is fantastic news!
  4. This is quite a coup for Newcastle. Well done Showmasters.
  5. Excellent! The three Sand Snakes will be a fantastic bonus if you could get them!
  6. Guest Suggestions

    It's gone a wee bit quiet here.
  7. Don't forget The 13th Warrior. (with Clive Russell)
  8. Nice. Now whether to get him to autograph Ood Sigma or Admiral Raddus.
  9. Damn it! I was so looking forward to meeting him
  10. For a moment I thought you got a actual Star Destroyer signing that weekend! Now that would be impressive!
  11. Oh WOW!!! This is turning into a fab weekend!
  12. Wow! He's been in so many of my favourite films and TV shows. I'm going to be torn as to what to get autographed.