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    Dealers Room - looking for a seller!

    Thanks, I've contacted her!
  2. Helenszone

    Dealers Room - looking for a seller!

    Just looked and I don't think that's her - there are non t-shirts on that site at all and all she was selling was t-shirts, bags and corsets...
  3. Helenszone

    Dealers Room - looking for a seller!

    Thank you!
  4. Helenszone

    Thank you Massive Events & all the Crew

    In terms of organisation and customer service, this was the best event I've ever been to. Problems were dealt with, issues were fixed, all the staff/volunteers were absolutely lovely and everything seemed to go smotthly with very few hitches. Great work guys!!
  5. At Lords of Time I met a lovely lady in the dealers room who was selling t-shirts, as well as custom made corsets. I tried a corset on so I could order the right size, and took her card - but somewhere between the convention and home, I lost the card and don't know how to contact her to make my order. Can anyone help?