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  1. Hi Queenie Have emailed Dave already. Will send another one later on today. I think he is hibernating after last weekends excitement at Auto19.
  2. Don't rub it in Richster64 because I didnt go! Looking forward to Auto20 to meet GLB.
  3. Hi Dave Is there still room on Alan Bean's table? I know its a bit late in the day to ask... but....pleasey.........
  4. Well I have been to a convention earlier this year that used this system, and it was excellent, you not only had all your photos by the time you left the convention, but mine were all fine and looked great. There were obviously different photographers taking each photo session with the stars, so it depends on their lighting, I suppose, I think the comments will come after the con, because if you have not experienced this already, you won't know what result to expect. At least Showmasters are trying to keep us all happy. And I am happy
  5. OMG Rory, I am so excited about this con. Any chance of getting Tony also! Although I am more then happy with the guests you have on at the mo. I am going to be sooooo skint!
  6. Excellent news on the astronaut front . So excited about this convention. (we have lost a piece of history today, sad news about Neil Armstrong)
  7. That is fantastic news. It worked really well at a Con I went to previously.
  8. Thanks for the info Dave. Will there be a menu so we can see if we are allegic to anything?
  9. Can't remember which one was mine, it was in Las Vegas last year at the Rio Hotel Star Trek Convention. William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, George Takei, Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nichols, Patrick Stewart, Kate Mulgrew, Garrett Wang and others were there. But I was so excited I don't remember who was first! So very much looking forward to seeing all 5 captains in London this year.
  10. So glad I got a VIP Photo Pass. Thanks for the great news Dave, really looking forward to this Convention. Going to be a mega convention month for me! 23 of 26 (ie. W of A-Z !!) lol
  11. Claudia Black Joe Flannigan Actually anyone will do, as long as Michael Shanks is there, I am happy .
  12. Well I enjoyed it, even with the chaos with queuing to get in on Saturday (which has been explained), and I am on crutches! I got more autographs then ever at this Con, I had a chat with the stars, I queued, I was exhausted at the end of the weekend, but had a fantastic time. Friday and Sunday were great for autographs because of less crowds, Saturday was packed, but I had photo ops going on all day, so was OK. Life is too short not to enjoy yourself. Showmasters have cheered me up in the last couple of years! Thanks guys. Roll on, EMS, Autographic, Star Trek Destination London and Chevron 7.9 ( 4 cons in one month ). = me after a convention weekend ! lol
  13. I went to the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention last August, it was fantastic. Am really looking forward to the London one in October.
  14. How about Tom Daley, with his medal !? Or Stargate, Merlin, Primeval actors ?
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