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  1. We are still going, travelling from Hull via Cardiff for the DW Experience,we booked a room a few months ago so its a done deal really. We are also costuming both days so hope its worth it. Like everyone else I'm very disappointed at the guest list though.
  2. I love this event but my only improvement would be to have some seating where you could sit, have a cuppa and chat to other attendees. I know you can face the pitch but you cant socialise there and there is plenty of room around the concourse for seating areas.
  3. thanks for the mention, yes we often dress as Klingons, the Plenitude costumes were new and we were really pleased with the way they turned out, hope the photo turned out well, regards Chris
  4. Yes I do, they belong to Klingons are us and they can be contacted through Stu Lucas at bebby@btinternet.com, regards Chris
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