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  1. Hi, sorry but we do not allow selling on this forum. Thanks. David
  2. As an Massive Star Wars Fan for all of my life i am sad to hear that it is sold out. At the end i would like to thank everybody ho takes time and being that kind to answer my questions! I wish everybody a great Day at the Elstree Studios,as an fan i think i know how exciting it must be. Kind regards sailor_ripley@gmx.net
  3. Hallo Too Tall, and thank you for answering. I would like to order it online,the problem is i dont have a creditcard and there is no other payment accepted! I send them an email if i could pay by paypal or bank transfer but no reply.
  4. Does nobody know,not even a moderator?
  5. I would like to know the same as well,i send an email to Showmasters but no reply. Or is there another ticketshop that accepts Paypal or Bank transfer for payment? Thanks PadawanPete
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