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  1. I enjoyed my visit on Friday very much. Would have liked to pop back again on either the Saturday or Sunday, but other work commitments prevented that!
  2. I shall be at DSTL on the Friday and would be happy to take a group picture of you all.
  3. Yes, "tethered" photo-shoots are brilliant and I enjoyed my role in it at the Lords of Time con in Birmingham!
  4. Cheers, if it looks alright, that`s good enough for me!
  5. Cheers, I`ll try reducing the pic size then. Shame you have to use a pic sharing site! Reduced it to a tiny 20kb, but the quality is c--p really!
  6. Cheers, I`ll try reducing the pic size then. Shame you have to use a pic sharing site!
  7. I`m new to this forum and want to add a profile picture. Keep getting a message saying the file size is too large, but it`s less 120 kb!!! Also, can`t seem to add my pic with David Tennant, as a new post. Can anyone help???
  8. This was my first "weekend away" con and what a great weekend it was!!!
  9. Count me in........sounds like this will be a great convention.........plus it will be my first!!!
  10. Cool........will check out your FB group now!
  11. Yes,keen to meet others going along. Never been to a ST convention before and never tried Rolulan Ale!!
  12. I registered with the Star Trek London website 3/4 weeks ago. Have tried to order a ticket on their website, but it won`t let me as it keeps saying that I need " a pre-access code", which they have never sent. Can anyone please help??? p.s. Update. Have now found the code!!!
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