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  1. Ahhh that will be awesome to see! If you're any good with make up you could always try the shading to create the ridges?!
  2. Hey all! How many people are dressing up and what as??! I've ordered a voyager medical uniform from 'cosplayying' has anyone used these guys before? If so, opinions please? LLAP
  3. Wow! What a bargain! I booked Travelodge too, check in on Friday , Check out on Sunday, including a breakfast on Saturday and Sunday as well as dinner on Friday and Saturday, altogether it came down to £142 which is pretty good considering that in most hotels around the Excel it will cost you around £160 just for the accommodation and no food. The only downside is that it's quite a bit away from Excel which might be a bit problematic if you don't have a car like me, but hell I can walk. by the sounds of it, there are quite a few of us staying in this travelodge, so we can a
  4. Well, at least it seems a few of us are staying there so we can always trip there together :-)
  5. Wow! What a bargain! Just keep in mind its two stops away on the DLR. Didn't realise myself until I booked it for myself and my son. Should be OK as it doesn't open until 21st August 2012. Haha see I didn't know this, shows I haven't researched it 😝 I think I shall find out know
  6. Wow! What a bargain! That's what I thought, so I snapped it up quickly. I have a feeling that hotels will fill up quickly especially once tickets go on general release
  7. I've booked a family room (for me and bro) at travel lodge excel £104 check in on Friday check out on Sunday :-)
  8. This would be fantastic if possible, but I very much doubt it 😞
  9. Thanks for that! The search came up with zilch! But have just sent a request to join the elite 😜
  10. Do you have a link? My phone is being stupid and not finding it :-/ definately arrange meet up etc! Silver? Oh you lucky thing, I've got the standard three day ticket. Did toy with the £225 package but I want to choose my talk etc so will just add the bolt-ons 😃👍
  11. I've managed to rope my bro to come with me, but he is waiting to go in the army and will prob get called up when this is on 😏 There is the uk star trek fans group on fb and a few ppl on there are going, check it out if you're not already there 👽
  12. Not really one to win things (just ask national lottery and camelot) But just thought I'd dip myself in here 👀 Hello all!!!!
  13. Yes, a fb group! I can't get to grips with twitter 👎
  14. It's not that expensive when you think about it. Its in the Excel which Is huge and then there is displays and everything and also the fact that it's a star trek con in England is even more rare I agree! Personally I've bought the £49 weekender ticket and I'm Pretty chuffed with that, I was expecting more. I know I'll have to buy bolts on but even without them the whole atmosphere will be fantastic. Especially looking forward to the evening parties :-D
  15. Sooooo looking forward to seeing Kate! Voyager was always my favourite and I love the Janeway character! Woohoo! Fingers crossed I can get a photo with her :-) oh and Patrick Stewart ;-) oh stuff it I want to be greedy and get all five (price depended)
  16. Hey all! This is my first convention! Very excited! Tickets now booked as is hotel :-) would love to meet people who are just as 'cool' as me :-P
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