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  1. thanks Melissa signed a card and this woman took and kept the card. Another staff member give a pre signed card... Its not very nice
  2. i thanks nic and mitch to tell me to approach to ask my question during the panel :)
  3. xfiles display was soooooo poor with no indications of what it was....
  4. Frank was so lovely for coming back for a group photo and small discsussion :)
  5. excuse me but what is a "print" exactly ??
  6. new talk added but the online shop is closed for outside UK people !!!!
  7. hi I have a project titled To Be Xphiles and i would like to video shoot the guests during photoshoot, autographs and conference, is it possible? thanks a lot http://xfiles.makes.it https://www.facebook.com/pages/Etre-X-Philes-To-be-X-Philes/280188245382556
  8. i plan to go to san diego comic con this year so... i ahve money but i need to have money in july
  9. ca va etre bon tout ça :) je l'ai déja vu pour du théatre mais là XFILES POWA !
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