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  1. yyyaaaayyyy (oops sorry can you tell i'm excited) thankyou, thankyou, thankyou can't wait to meet him
  2. yay thankyou ME/SM love patrick can't wait to meet him again
  3. yyaaaaayyyyyy thankyou i loved meeting booboo last time he was so friendly (and his family too) he attended the parties and everything and he tried his best to try to speak to everyone
  4. i agree we all know that it takes time and the all the team work really hard but i have also gone gold for the 1st time and have even convinced a few of my friends and their friends to attend and i am also starting to feel a little nervous please,please,please we need an announcement soon
  5. love these party themes already have my outfits sorted for fri, sat nights thanks for letting us know these so happy with them
  6. yaaaayyyy so happy thanks ME looking forward to meeting him
  7. oooohhhhhh yeeeeessssss i am so excited you have made my day thankyou
  8. yay so excited looking forward to meeting chaske again and am looking forward to his talks
  9. so happy have booked hotel room for me and my friend. we will be buying our tickets mid feb (cant afford them till then) so are hoping there will be some left. we are both really looking forward to attending again
  10. im so excited after attending et6 i was hooked, i was so dissapointed that i coulnt attend et9 but i am so happy that et10 is going to happen i could just burst thanks for bringing them back
  11. oh so many guests that i havent met yet some suggestions from me would be jcb, michael welch, ashley greene (hubby would be so jelous lol), anna kendrick, elizabeth reaser, kellan lutz (i would probably faint lol), jackson rathbone this is just to name a few
  12. hi welcome trust me in saying that you will not be alone in staying at another hotel other people are doing this too, there are alot of people not wearing themed outfits some people are wearing fancy dress for fri night alot are wearing onesies for sun night as for sat night will vary alot too basically anything goes lol there is also a facebook group called ETERNAL TWILIGHT 8 to be honest i have no idea how to link things so cant help with that hope you have fun
  13. i do think we need at least 1 female guest i mean i love the people already announced but would be nice
  14. yay i am so happy with these themes i wasn't at et5 :-( thanks SM/ME xx
  15. i totally agree with you i am also hoping that they manage to get kellan i also was looking forward to meeting him at et6
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