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  1. Dave , Any chance you could get some shuttle astronauts again ?, unfortunately I hear John Young is not well now so would not be available.
  2. another brilliant time at autographica highlight was meeting Hoot and Reha and Buzz talked to me at the drinks reception amazing time spent Saturday at the lectures and Sunday strolling round the dealers room and I got Hoot and reha's autographs and also the Space Shuttle book holidays booked for September !
  3. It looks like when I ordered my tickets on line I wanted one ticket for reha and hoot but have got two on checking pay pal its went through twice as I only need one ticket can I exchange the duplicate for another ticket ? I see that Barbara Bain is now ding a talk I would like to go to can you exchange the ticket and I can pay the difference ? thanks Robert
  4. Thanks tickets arrived today - just one question you have sent me 2 tickets for Rhea &Hoot are they doing separate lectures or is it a joint lecture? Have now got holiday's booked from work so I can go to Birmingham in September ! regards Robert
  5. I have holidays booked from work so will be coming to autographica in London last weekend in Birmingham was fantastic thanks to Dave and every one for making this possible
  6. Thanks again Dave now looking forward to meeting Joe also the fact he was a capcom on apollo 15 is very interesting I hope you can get Barbara for your event in London
  7. Thanks Dave ! with lots of astronauts I will be couming down again and this year will get the VIP pass again as last year due to work could only go for one day , will send payment at the end of the month looking forward to autographica
  8. Thanks for bringing all the Astronauts and Space 1999 people looking forward to next years show regards Robert
  9. Hi Robert Charlie is not sold out. His talk seems to have dropped into cyberspace from the website. We will try and get him back on as soon as possible. Mean time if you guys want to order his talk please buy any astronaut talk and send a note to say you want charlie Duke lecture. Same price. Thanks have just bought two astronaut talks as I would also like to go to donald thomas he is also missing from the webpage ! thanks again for bringing the astronauts to the UK have now booked all talks for sunday and Buzz and Astronaut group , unfortunately this year could not come all weekend but hope to do so next year ! Robert
  10. coming down for the Sunday have just pre booked Buzz and Astronaut photoshoots and booked the talks for Sunday I don't see Charlie Duke hope he is not sold out ? regards Robert
  11. Thanks to every one , this was my first vist to autographica to see the astronauts and it was also grate to meet matt zimmerman also Robert Law
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