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  1. Just an update. We got ours in the mail today here in the US! We leave for the UK in 4 days. got here just in time! Can't wait!!!
  2. We just got ours in the mail here in the U.S. Can't wait for the show. My wife and I will be the ones there with the silly American accents :)
  3. Yeah we're a wee bit concerned about this as well. We're coming from the US for vacation and this show is right in the middle of our trip. So we had to be in attendance. We're leaving the US on Sept 27th, so hopefully our tickets will get here before we leave...slightly nervous.
  4. We live in the US and are coming to these show. This was the only delivery option available to us. I guess we'll still get the tickets in the mail?
  5. Was gona say that, but also if you want his autograph then you WILL need to queue earlier in order to be guaranteed that. Just go in get a virtual queue ticket, then come back when ever you like to get your autograph after the number on your virtual queue ticket has come up.. LLAP We're not really planning anything else at the event at this point. Getting a photo with Tennant is better than an autograph to us, so we'll stick with that. Who knows, we'll have to see what changes when we get there. Since the show is just part of a larger trip for us, we're trying to do stuff as
  6. oh we bought photoshoot tickets Friday morning when we found out about the event. Almost didn't even think about it. just bought them and then rearranged our schedule. so since we have the photoshoot tickets, we don't necessarily have to queue up super early, correct? I'm not sure I've figured out this whole thing yet...thanks for any help!
  7. My wife and I are coming from Nashville, Tennessee USA. We've had this trip planned for months, but just found out about the show. We just happen to be staying right down the street too. Getting to meet Tennant is going to make our trip. Any tips about the show for newbies like us?
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