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  1. 4 Hi David I am not speculating at all, I did say I was playing devils advocate and believe me when I say that lots of companies PR departments will time announcements to suit themselves as they are indeed within their rights to do. Also I never once accused showmaster of lying, holding back information until a more strategic time is common and very different indeed from telling porkie pies. Companies have huge amounts to gain from strategic timing ie in this case if a prospective attendee looks at the line up and sees a list of b part actors or extras they may not be inclined to attend the event but if they see a couple of big names on the list they may well pre-order tickets or activly promote the event. Again not trying to start an argument with you but just playing out events "from a certain point of view" Joe
  2. See what Too Tall said about him or any other guest Tweeting before speaking to Showmasters. Showmasters will announce any changes as soon as official. They do not go by rumours or Tweets. As representatives from showmasters have always said, and on several occasions, cut myself down on is that if showmasters haven't announced it then he's still appearing. Showmasters would of announced his cancelations if it was true as it was a few weeks back. He's coming to the show sO if I was you, I'd start to get excited. Showmasters have had a go at so many people for saying that they should of announced people cancelling and that they don't inform so that people will still come to the show thinking the guest will still be there and seeing as the word that Colin pulled out was weeks ago, showmasters have had plenty of time to check to make sure he'll be there so trust he is. I have family travelling from Manchester to this show with the main purpose to meet him. Have fun To play devils advocate here I would argue that Showmasters cannot afford to lose a big named guest at this point. From a business point of view it would make far more sense for them to keep Colin on the Bill until they can replace him with a guest of similar importance and fanbase. Not to disrespect any other guests but if Colin is cancelled at this stage who is left to pull the crowds in? Robert Llewellyn does have a huge fanbase but is he alone enough to advertise and fill an event? Not in my opinion. Always remember that business' are there to make money period, if they can please people at the same time then so be it but this is not their primary goal. I would not be surprised if it was announced a lot closer to date when some more big name stars have hopefully been added. Just my 2p
  3. Will be there this year and will drag as many friends as poss too. Last year was my first event and me and the wife had a fantastic time, I have always been a big Star Wars fan so meeting Kenny Baker and Paul Blake was amazing. The Missus is also a huge Red Dwarf fan so it was a great first event to attend. I am gutted I missed the first few as I never knew the event existed we only found out last year because of an advert in the metro last year. I will be telling all the movie fans I know about the event this year! Joe
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