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  1. Spirit Juggler

    Newest Bond Girl

    I think it was more of a tongue in cheek request rather than an actual guest request.
  2. Spirit Juggler

    cosplay costumes...watcha goin as?

    Yes it was me as same at LFCC :)
  3. Spirit Juggler

    Guest suggestions

    Winona Ryder :) Ooh, And Christian Slater
  4. Spirit Juggler

    cosplay costumes...watcha goin as?

    I'll be there as Smallvilles Green Arrow again with the Galactic Knights costuming group :)
  5. Spirit Juggler

    Did you go in costume?

    I was the Smallville Green Arrow wandering around :)
  6. Spirit Juggler

    Event Feedback

    Honestly, this was the best con I've been to in a while. I love the venue. Cooler than earls court and much better spaced. The isles were about twice the width of the previous year and this allowed people MUCH more room to move.
  7. Spirit Juggler

    Lady dressed as Catwoman (With Black Cat)

    Depends which cat woman it was you saw? Pfeiffer Cat woman or a different one. If it was the Pfieffer Cat woman then she's one of the Galactic Knights. One of hte costume groups there. One of the Black Cats was theirs as well but there were a couple of other Black Cats around as well.
  8. Spirit Juggler

    latest Guest Karl Urban

    Very good catch Nicely done SM.
  9. I agree but I still think Christopher Eccleston is my main bet.
  10. I thought a first timer guest wasn't specified? It wasn't but I doubt David Tennant would get a second build up thread like this as he's had one already and very recently for a showmasters event.
  11. It's unlikely to be Tom Hiddleston. Unless he's known for more than just Loki? He's been in stuff but nothing stand out.
  12. It's not been said that it's a first time signer. Although I am assuming it will be a first timer at a showmasters event.
  13. Apparently Nathan Fillion is at a con in the US at the same time.
  14. Why are people guessing Matt Smith?