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  1. I meet him a few months ago in Sweden, He is one of the nicest guest you can dream of meeting
  2. His name is Laurence Wreford, you pretty much find him at every show as he is agent for most of the potter guests there M.
  3. Im there all days too .... would not miss it.... Mike
  4. Unfortunately Armin & Rusty can no longer make Collectormania Copenhagen. We wish her the best of luck and hope to see them some time in the near future.
  5. We are pleased to announce our latest Guest for Collectormania Denmark ALICE KRIGE More information http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000481/
  6. Will there be Collectormania Copenhagen merchandise this year? :) Otherwise, keep up the great work, I'll be seeing you in November! ~Greph. We have read what you have to say. thank you for your feedback. only time will tell if there be any Collectormania Copenhagen merchandise
  7. Det hele er beskrevet under "CREW" sectionen her på forummet
  8. Cheers Allready ordered it and picking it up tomorrow thank you for your help Mike
  9. Hi All I was wondering if anyone knew if i could get a 8x10 printed somewhere close to EC at a 1 hour service or similar ? Thank you for your time Mike
  10. der er sket en masse bare kik under COLLECTORMANIA COPENHAGEN eller www.collectormania.dk
  11. Damn ! I have this very poster signed by five. Looks like number six is on the way - and I like that he is namechecked on the poster credits. You will get atleast one more the in near future if you are coming to collectormania london. that is if you dont have him. Mike
  12. Showmasters regler siger over 16 år. resten af reglerne er her http://showmastersonline.com/forums/index....showtopic=25858
  13. Hopefully DGI-Byen will prove a better home for us. Fingers crossed
  14. Swedish people are more than welcome too ....
  15. The website for Collectormania Copenhagen 2010 www.collectormania.dk have been updated and a few more guests have been announced See you in Nowember Mike
  16. Dear Ynglingsklon .. ofcourse im counting on you .. it means danish people in general.. Give Too Tall a few weeks then start to ask him Mike
  17. We are happy to announce that Collectormania are coming back to Copenhagen this year. This years show will be hel on 20-21 Nowember in DGI-Byen, aprox 10 meters from Copenhagen centralstation For more information please see the website www.collectormania.dk We are looking forward to seeing you
  18. We are looking for some extra local crew. So if you are from the area and you are interested, please email us at crew@showmastersonline.com Please see the >>CREW SECTION< for more information on crewing.
  19. Latest Guest Announcement - Kenny Baker R2-D2 in Star Wars - also: Time Bandits, The Elephant Man & Flash Gordon More infomation at: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0048652/
  20. Latest Guest Announcement - Jeremy Bulloch Boba Fett in Star Wars - also: James Bond, Summer Holiday & StarHyke More infomation at: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0120116/
  21. Latest Guest Announcement - Dave Prowse Darth Vader in Star Wars - also: A Clokwork Orange, Dr Who & Space 1999 More infomation at: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001190/
  22. I HATE YOU JASON...... and you know why :-P Mike DK
  23. BILLETTER KØBES I DØREN ÅBNINGSTIDER: LØRDAG: kl. 10.00 - 18.00 SØNDAG: kl. 11.00 - 17.00 Entré 50,- Earlybird billetter koster 100,. og sikrer dig adgang til hallen en time før normal åbningstid begge dage. Earlybird billetter købes på dagen. vi glæder os til af se jer. Mike & Jason & Per
  24. Gæsterne vil være tilstede følgende dage (Guest Days) • John Rhys-Davies (LØR/SØN) • René Auberjonois (LØR/SØN) • Robert Englund (LØR/SØN) • Bronson Pelletier (LØR/SØN) • Jason Momoa (LØR/SØN) • Mike Edmonds (LØR) • Natalia Tena (SØN) • Josh Herdman (LØR) Priserne er Pr. Autograf. (Price) • John Rhys-Davies 150,- • René Auberjonois 150,- • Robert Englund 150,- • Bronson Pelletier 150,- • Jason Momoa 150,- • Mike Edmonds 1 stk GRATIS ( Extra Autograf 100,- pr. Stk ) • Natalia Tena 150,- pr. Stk • Josh Herdman 100,- pr. Stk Foto tiden kommer senere, Tider bliver offenliggjort her og på hjemmesiden,. (Photo Ops) • John Rhys-Davies 150,- pr. billed • René Auberjonois 150,- pr. billed • Robert Englund 150,- pr. billed • Bronson Pelletier 150,- pr. billed • Jason Momoa 150,- pr. billed • Mike Edmonds 100,- pr. billed • Natalia Tena 150,- pr. billed • Josh Herdman 100,- pr. billed Håber disse informationer er nyttige. Hope these are useful. Mike.
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