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    I said I wasn’t going to come I repeated that mantra a dozen times but yet I still slipped and brought a Saturday entry ticket and photo ops oppsss see on the Saturday
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    Hint: probably movies would be considered my main medium nowadays.
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    I think you know to much about Charles Dance
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    So far I have Dan portman, Jamie Campbell Bowwer, Charles Dance, and Robert Emms the big guests are epic but luckly not for me I like all the smaller guests
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    Yes, I am a hero or villain. Yes or no Questions, remember? I'll be nice though: hero - 5 Yes, my alias Begins with a letter from m-z. - 4
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    congratulations on your 5000th post and here's to 5000 more.
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    Since I unapologetically love Willow and it would be awesome to have some more signatures to accompany Val Kilmer's: Warwick Davis Jean Marsh Joanne Whalley
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    Scott Adkins. Michael Jai White. Oliver Gruner. Vernon Wells. Donnie Yen. Dolph Lundgren Carl Weathers. Bill Duke.
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    Don't worry. I won't swoop down on your moment of glory.
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    Elijah Wood David Harbour David Schwimmer Sean Astin Stephanie Beatriz Emilia Clarke Rebel Wilson Hugh Jackman
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    Well done, you have to maintain your 5000 now and can never post again.
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