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  1. Excellent! The three Sand Snakes will be a fantastic bonus if you could get them!
  2. It's gone a wee bit quiet here.
  3. Don't forget The 13th Warrior. (with Clive Russell)
  4. Nice. Now whether to get him to autograph Ood Sigma or Admiral Raddus.
  5. Damn it! I was so looking forward to meeting him
  6. For a moment I thought you got a actual Star Destroyer signing that weekend! Now that would be impressive!
  7. Oh WOW!!! This is turning into a fab weekend!
  8. Wow! He's been in so many of my favourite films and TV shows. I'm going to be torn as to what to get autographed.
  9. I'm afraid to post this. Rest in Peace Mr. Baker
  10. I realise it's a good few months away, but are there any more guest announcements coming? I was looking at the LFCC guest roster and was really impressed and jealous at the same time (I couldn't go), then look at the six (so far I hope) Newcastle is having and thinking how disappointing it's looking at the moment.
  11. Anyone from Game of Thrones: Michael McElhatton Nell Tiger Free DeObia Oparei Alexander Siddig Owen Teale Faye Marsay Charlotte Hope Charles Dance Stephen Dillane Tara Fitzgerald Liam Cunningham Kerry Ingram to name a few