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My LFCC experience (Melina & Gemma Whelan appreciation)

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Today was probably the craziest LFCC day I've ever had, in the past I would come for one day and do 4 photo ops, but this time I did 8 (I don't know how some people manage 15+)! These are my experiences of my Sunday at LFCC 2019;


I had a photo op with Melina first thing, every person got a really nice photo that I could see, a really warm person.

Then I had a photo op with Jenna Coleman which I was a little nervous for, and although brief, she said hi, smiled and the photo is great!

At about 1:15pm, we were looking around the stalls and came across a t-shirt one that my buddy was looking at. I noticed Gemma Whelan standing next to him browsing, my buddy started chatting to the stall holder and Gemma turned around, I asked her how she was doing and how her day was going. Apparently the stall holder was an old uni friend of hers and she was goofing around behind the stall. I thought "Why haven't I got a photo booked with her?" so I checked the app, it was in 30 minutes! I booked it and she was so warm and friendly. I asked if she had any luck selling the t-shirts and she said no and that she didn't think it was her calling!

I went to get my photo with Melina signed at her desk and she was the sweetest person to chat to, she seemed so appreciative of every person that came to speak to her. I thanked her and she said "no, thank you for being so sweet!"

I then had photo ops with Lennie James who was awesome, really friendly and took a few seconds to chat with everyone. I quickly said that I really enjoyed "Save Me" and he said thanks I'm working on the second series right now! Then I had photos with Vickie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero who were both really nice too.

I also went to get my Gemma Whelan photo signed at her desk, she said we looked gorgeous together (:lol:) and I joked that we both brought out the best in each other - she's so funny to chat to! Before I left I said to her that when she had a photo op with my wife 2 years ago she had her little bump and now 2 years later my wife is due in 3 weeks with our first. She welled up and said she felt quite emotional and asked if we were having a boy or a girl and gave some lovely advice about it being a challenge but so rewarding. I asked how her little one was doing and it was just all round such a lovely guest encounter. I came away from it with a huge smile on my face!


My guest experiences were brilliant which I feel very lucky for, I also saw QS in a queue but was too scared to say hi :rolleyes:

I also bought a few mystery boxes spending a total of £30 and ended up with a stranger things mug, nintendo mug, another mug, 2x 3D posters, a bunch of pins and stickers, 2x premium marvel and harry potter notepads among a load of other stuff so it looks like the mystery boxes I picked were actually well worth it.

This year was quite possibly the best year I have ever had at LFCC for sure, guests were wonderful, my experiences were fantastic!

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