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Guest Days & Prices - Bournemouth 2019

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Guest Days and Prices

Guest Name Attending Autograph Photo Shoots
Kate Dickie Saturday £15 £15
Robert Nairne Cancelled    
Shauna MacDonald Saturday £15 £15
Frank Henson Cancelled    
Alan Swaden Saturday £10 £10
Oliver Ford Davies Saturday £10 £10
Mike Edmonds Saturday £10  
Rusty Goffe Saturday £10 £10
Sophie Aldred Sunday £10 £10
Ingrid Oliver Saturday £15 £15
Derren Nesbitt Saturday £15 £15
Indira Varma Saturday £20 £20
Geoffrey Beevers Sunday £10 £10
David Stone Sunday £10 £10
Sebastian Dewing Sunday £10 £10
Joe Gibson Sunday £10 £10
Bruce Knight Cancelled    
Andy Wareham Saturday £15  
Florian Robin Cancelled    
James Cox Cancelled    
Wilf Scolding Sunday £10 £10
Sonia Leong Sat/Sun N/A N/A
VanillaPink  Cosplay Sat/Sun N/A N/A
Dax79  Cosplay Sat/Sun N/A N/A


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