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Latest Collecting Guest Announcement - GUS LOPEZ

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Latest Collecting Guest - Gus Lopez

Collecting Track Guest

Gus Lopez is a longtime Star Wars collector whose primary focus areas include Star Wars cast and crew items, movie props, unproduced toys, cereal boxes, and awards. Gus has written many articles on Star Wars collecting for various publications over the years including Star Wars Insider, Lee's Toy Review, Toy Shop, Star Wars Galaxy Collector, Freakie Magnet, and the Star Wars Celebration convention programs. Gus regularly writes for Star Wars Insider magazine. He has a column on international events and collecting pertaining to Star Wars.

Gus created The Star Wars Collector's Archive, the first Star Wars collecting website on the Internet, in 1994. His site is a virtual museum of the rarest and most unusual Star Wars collectibles in the world using contributions from hundreds of private collections.

Gus has presented talks on Star Wars collecting at many toy, science fiction, and Star Wars conventions in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Netherlands, Great Britain, Spain, and Germany. He organized the Star Wars collecting programs for Star Wars Celebration, Celebration II, Celebration III, Celebration IV, Celebration V, Celebration Japan, and Celebration Europe.

We are very pleased to have Gus as one of our collecting track guests over the weekend where he will be taking part in Q&As and maybe displaying one or two of his prized possessions, he is considered one of the key people in the Star Wars collecting community 


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