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Cosplay Guests Announced for Newcastle

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Sugar Pill Cosplay

The cosplay community we have is amazing and to be a part of it is so special.  Its a fantastic way to get to know people and make friends and explore all things extraordinary. I’ve only been cosplaying a year now and the first competition/ masquerade i entered i actually won, so if anyone says they are too new at this then brake the boundaries and just have fun. I’m an extremely creative person as my background is in performing arts so being able to bring that forward and be creative with my costumes is a stress relief and a way to escape the everyday norm. My fave cosplay is my poison ivy costume, i just think it shows that hard work really dose pay off. Just remember there is no such thing as normal only greatness.



Laird and Lady Cosplay

We are husband and wife Ian and Lisa Findlay also known as Laird and Lady Cosplay. We started cosplay  after visiting a Manchester convention in July 2014 after which we both decided that next time we wanted to do it on costume Lisa is originally from Singapore and Ian born an bread in the northeast of England.Our first time in cosplay was at London convention, Ian in his first home made costume as Sepheroth from final fantasy and Lisa as Cruella Deville after this we were hooked more so after we went to Newcastle Film And Comic Con in March 2015 as the Mad Hatter and Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland,  at Newcastle we made so many good friends and loved it so much that we haven’t stopped since always trying to come up with new costumes or updating the present ones.



Jessikarr Cosplay

I recently discovered my passion for cosplaying in March this year and its now a huge part of life. I cosplay because I can escape into the worlds of my favourite characters and for that one day we are no longer ourselves; but a warrior, superhero, princess, dragon slayer or monster hunter. You can be whoever you want to be and for that one day, life is pure magic.


Photographer: Nicholas Gray Photography

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