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Latest Cosplay Guest Announcement - THE CRYSTAL WOLF

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The Crystal Wolf

The Crystal Wolf (aka Erin Mochan) has been cosplaying since early 2016 when she entered the scene as Predator at ECC. She is a dedicated film and TV fan and this is where she gets most of her ideas. She works freelance as a videographer, writer and editor and has a background in Design and Technology teaching.

The Crystal Wolf is known for her cosplay mashups, the first being her White Walker Daenerys with which she won runner up for. The Scottish Wedding Show loved it so much they asked her along to model and do makeup for their promo this year. Her most recent is Blood Elsa with which she won Best in Show at GCC.

Erin self-taught how to use different materials for her costumes including EVA foam, worbla and fabrics. She has also learned how to make facial prosthetics out of both silicone and gelatin. This came in handy for her Greta the Gremlin!

Additionally Erin has cosplayed as Poison Ivy, Mugatu from Zoolander, Ellie from Up, Dana from Ghostbusters, Harley Quinn from Arkham Asylum and Scar from the Lion King. She is currently working on Wonder Woman for MCM Scotland and has started filming a parody of Scottish Daenerys.

Photographer: Alasdair Watson Photography


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