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Latest Comic Guest Announcement - SIMON FURMAN

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Latest Comic Guest Announcement - Simon Furman

Appearing: Sat/Sun

Writer: Transformers; Death's Head; Robocop

For nigh on three decades he has been the foremost chronicler of the adventures of Hasbro’s Robots in Disguise. So closely linked with the development of the comicbook versions of the action figures has Simon Furman been that fans refer to him as the Transformers-meister. While he kicked of his comics career in 1984 as an editor, he very quickly made the transition to writer, initially on Fleetway’s junior horror comic Scream but within a year he’d made his Transformers debut (on 1985’s #13).

He remained closely associated with the Marvel UK title until its cancellation in 1992. Along the way he also became the regular scripter of the US edition of the comic, staying on that Transformers series until it was axed in 1991. The writer of numerous Robots in Disguise comics for Marvel (on both sides of the Pond), DreamWave and most recently IDW , There Furman reunited with artist Andrew Wildman (his long time Transformers collaborator) for Transformers: Regeneration One.

Launched in 2012 and recently brought to an end, it continued and concluded the story left unfinished when Marvel (US) cancelled its Transformers comic. However Furman has numerous credits that go far beyond the Robots in Disguise. It’s a list that includes a wide diversity of titles, among them Sensational She-Hulk, Doctor Who, Alpha Flight and Robocop as well as Dragon’s Claws and Death’s Head, both of which he co-created.



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