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Latest Comic Guest Announcement - NICK ROCHE

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Latest Comic Guest Announcement - Nick Roche

Attending: Sat & Sun

Artist: Transformers
Transformers @ 30 Celebration

A huge fan of Hasbro's Robots in Disguise, Nick Roche started out by contributing illustrations to Transformers fanzines and for conventions dedicated to the action figure franchise. The Irish artist's professional career took off in 2006 when he began producing covers for IDW's line of Transformers comics. His first story art came later the same year with the premiere issue of The Transformers: Spotlight, a series for which he illustrated other issues while making his writing debut on the series in 2007. A 2008 five-parter, The Transformers: Maximum Dinobots, marked a turning point in his career as he increasingly took on more storytelling while still producing a regular flow of covers. His major credits since include 2010's Transformers: Last of the Wreckers five-parter (which he also co-wrote) and in 2011 The Transformers: Death of Optimus Prime one-shot and both issues of Transformers: Infestation. More recently he has also taken to illustrating non-Transformers comics, among them two 2014 one-shot: Marvel's Revolutionary War: Death's Head and Monster Motors for IDW.


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They've got it correct in the text just not the heading - was going to see if they noticed & corrected it before pointing out. At least we are having the guest list updated.

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