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I know a lot of people had problems. I didn't. I had a gold pass, and brought all my photo ops before hand (budget means couldn't do autos). I do understand that a lot of people can't do that. I am not taking away from their problems, and obviously things need to be looked at, but I, personally, didn't experience many problems. I can only tell what my own experience was.


The only real problem I had was the gentlemen doing the Summer Glau photo op in the morning. He stated that what gold passes meant was that we could only join the front of the q in our number batch (I was 451), and that was what everyone was told that morning. No one else actually did that apart from him, and I did 11 photoshoots. I had to go to the second session which meant I couldn't rest and it did cause me health problems the rest of the day (I am disabled). Saying that everyone else was wonderful and when I was struggling the crew at the later photoshoots got me chairs so I could rest, and almost to the front of the q. I was very thankful for that.


The actors are wonderful as well. Milo walked over to be and walked me back across. In the photo you can see the death grip he has on my hand in case my knees did give way.


I would like to mention that photo shoots I went to, so those who were there know how grateful I was to the crew and also the photographers. This was all on the Saturday:


Iron Throne (in the morning), Star Wars throne, Paul McGann and the TARDIS console. Milo Ventimiglia (morning), David Hewlett (morning), Summer Glau (afternoon), Jamie Bamber (afternoon), Edward James Olmos (afternoon), Dina Meyer (afternoon), Robert Knepper (morning), TJ Thyne (afternoon), Lita (afternoon), Juliet Landau (afternoon).


I would also like to thank some of the attendees, unfortunately I don't know their names. People let me use a chair at their table twice so I could sit and rest (different people), the numerous times I dropped my bag. Finding me a chair in the q, and getting updates for me.


Once again I thank everyone (apart from one lol), that took my health into consideration and did what they could to make it easier for me.



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