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Stef and James

The Virtual Q- how it works

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The Virtual Queue


This is a simple way to eliminate the need for visitors to stand around for hours at end.


If you can imagine a Queue of 600 people, stretching away, waiting to get an autograph, well, that what we are dealing with if we don't have a system in place.


If there is a long Queue more than 30 people, everyone gets a ticket for that particular guest.

These numbered tickets are guest and day specific.


REMEMBER, if you want a friend or parent to join you in the Q later, THEY MUST be there to be issued with a Virtual Q ticket, it is stritly one ticket per person.


Everyone in the Queue, and that includes the first 30 waiting in the queuing area, are given a numbered ticket, which then represents their place in the Queue.


People are then free to wander off and enjoy the show, grab a coffee, go to a guest with a quick queue or even get a Virtual Queue ticket for another guest.


Then when your number or a higher number is displayed on a board next to the ‘REAL’ queue you may join this short queue.


We also announce the current number over the tannoy and we write it up on large White Boards placed around the hall.


So, lets say the first 30 people get autographs, the person Queue ticketing, writes on the board 60, and announces “UP TO 60” this now means that anyone with ticket 60 or less may join the queuing area.


This continues apace all day. We have found that increments of 30 works well.


You do not need to be ready to join the Q as soon as your number is called, once your number is surpassed, you can join the Q at any stage after this, you never lose your place, so there is no panic, if you are busy elsewhere.


There is a wait, but no where as long as it could be, you normally won't have more than 30 people ahead of you, and this clears through fairly fast, although we must admit, it may feel longer, as you approach your favourite guest!


It is expected that most guests can see 600 visitors, but there are no promises made, and there is little point in giving out Virtual Q tickets past 800 people, so we no don’t.


Some guests, do not need the system, they have a steady flow of fans and if they don’t have more than 20 or so people in the queuing area, we wont use the system.


Each ticket is only valid for one guest visit, on the day it is issued. No tickets are issued for the following day in advance.


Stef and James


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