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Signed copy of Much Ado by Alexis & Tom to Auction

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Hi guys, I sent an email earlier in the week (from atn@allthenomz.com) in regards to the possibility of getting a copy of Much Ado (I'll buy the film) signed by Alexis and Tom that could be auctioned off either at the HW auction on Saturday or post-con at eBay through their Giving Works programme.


If the film was to be auctioned off at HW, once the final bid has been made I'll transfer the money straight out of my account to Child's Play Charity who are our supported charity and forward the donation confirmation to the winner.


Just wondered if it was something you'd be interested in teaming up for, so if it's not something you want to do that's no problem. You can check us out at www.allthenomz.com to see we are legit and who we've worked with in the past.


Whatever the decision, I'll see you on Friday *does happy dance, followed by the snoopy dance*

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Would just like to thank they guys and girls at ME who worked so hard in putting this weekend together, many thanks. The Blu-Ray was also sold in the auction which raised £50 for Child's Play Charity so big thank you for that, this brings our total raised to £2,018 so far. Also if the lady who won the auction would like to get in touch I'll send you the link so you can download the charity cookbook which contains recipes from the likes of Tara Platt, Yuri Lowenthal, Bonnie Burton and Sandeep Parikh.

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