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Gold pass , what are the benefits ?


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Gold pass !

what are the perks with gold pass ?

Think I read that you still have to wait at back of queue for autograph and photo shoots , is this the case, anyone know .? If so Is the autograph pack the only extra for the price ?

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The main benefits are being able to join the back of any queue without needing a VT, priority seating in the talks (including paid talks which you don't need to pay for). You go to the front of the queue for photoshoots so if you have a lot to get through that really helps.


At LFCC you got a free prop photoshoot although I completely forgot and ended up with no time to get it done.


Personally, I'm not that bothered about the autograph pack as I've never had anything all that great in it. It's a bonus but I'd rather have a voucher to put towards an autograph or something.


There's also a chillout room which is good to get away from the crowds and sit down although again, I rarely went in preferring to hang out with my non-gold friends.


If you want to meet lots of guests over the weekend, especially the headline ones who are likely to be very popular, and have a lot of photoshoots then it really helps but if you're only going to meet a few guests and don't have many photoshoots it's probably not worth the cost.


I've had gold and not had gold, all depends on who I'm intending to meet. So far for this event I'm only looking at maybe 4 guests so it certainly wouldn't be worth it for me.

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