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Showmasters Epic New Year!

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It's that time of year again, lets see the new year in with style! For 5 days we will be running amok in Heron's lodge: board games, game consoles, news years eve party, bonfires and more! All you need is a sleeping bag!



£50 (covers all your food and a place to stay for the 4 nights)

£10 - If you can only make news years eve don't miss out! Just come for the new years eve celebrations.


£20 - this is for alcohol and is an optional charge. If you wish to partake in some tipple from the bar then you must contribute to the funds. If you don't drink, or you wish to bring your own that is also completely fine.


All places must be paid for in advance. Places are limited so don't delay.


If you want to head on down to Milton Keynes this year please send me an email at wiccawise21@hotmail.com I will need to know how many nights you intend to stay, and if you wish to add to the drinks fund.


Please dont book travel until you have had a confirmation email form me. I will try and get back to each person as soon as possible.


See you soon!

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