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So is Bluewater cancelled?


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During the year there had been suggestions that there was going to be a comicon in Bluewater, Kent and a preliminary date of March 2013 had been batted about. Since then I have heard nothing about it and the earliest comicon on the website is Milton Keynes.


Is a comicon at Bluewater just wishful thinking now? There are hundreds of fans in Kent who can't get to (or afford to get to) London and every other comicon seems to be very far north!


We await a confirmation either way.

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The last update I saw was that Showmasters were trying to iron things out with Bluewater. I guess that is why they gave the March 2013 as a preliminary date and not a permanent one. As time marches on, I would think this may not happen in March. But, I guess only time will tell.

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