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Hello Everyone, I'm New!

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Hello Everyone,


I've been coming to Showmasters Events (aswell as Tenth Planet ones) for the past few years and have always intended to join the forums but never got around to doing it. But that day has come and I have risen to the challenge of joining you lot! And from what I've been told, you are all pretty cool to chat to!

As a Big Doctor Who Fan I'm always on the look out for Doctor Who guests aswell as top actors, so for this event could I suggest:


Any Doctor Who guests,

Any Heroes guests (Zachary Quinto....),

Any Life on Mars guests (Liz White, Dean Andrews, Marshall Lancaster) ,

Any Ashes to Ashes guests (Above, including Daniel Mays and Montserrat Lombard),

and not to forget, any James Bond actors (Roger Moore....)!!


You shall know me here as Chugs,


or if you fancy, Chugs-in-credible the First! L.o.l! :D


Best Wishes,


Chugs-in-credible (The First)

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Hi and welcome to the forums. :YAHOO:


There are guest suggestions topics in the pinned section at the top so may you want to put your suggestions in there.

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