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Abrams Inc is having to be cancelled

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hi all


it saddens me to have to tell you that Abrams Inc is having to be cancelled


we had a meeting today to see if there was anyway to move forward on this event and we all agreed that there is just not enough interest in this event


now we had this issues before with the lost event we ran


as lost was the bigger show behind Abrams Inc we felt if it was going to work we needed a big lost name


with Michael we had that big name and if it was going to work then this would give it the big kick it needed


but when he was put up as a guest lots of people talked about what a great guest he was but we sold very few tickets of the back of this


we needed more ticket sales to book the next big guest , but sadly that never happened and with only around 67 tickets sold we could not keep this going and have to cancel Abrams Inc


the sad thing is we all here are big fans of lost and Mark loves Alias and we all wanted to run this event


now i know people are going to say we needed more guest from the start but please try to understand if we booked more smaller guest it would not have saved this event and also if we booked some of the smaller guests we would not have had the budget for more of the bigger guests , so really we needed people to book tickets of the big name we put up and then we could go for more guest , but sadly this is not to be


we tried and we so wanted this to happen so we are sorry


we will refund everyone in the next few days for there tickets and hotel rooms will be refunded as well soon


all i can say is we have been holding back on Lost ,Alias ,Fringe guest for all the other shows we run so now you will get to see more guest from these show at Collectormania the like so fans of the shows will get to meet some of the guest in the future


all hotel room will be refunded asap


anyway i hope you can see we did try our best and that we are sorry to have to cancel this event




jason :(

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