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Guest Talks Questions!



If you have a particular question that you would like asked at the guest talks, we now have a new way of submitting these to Massive Events prior to the convention! On each of the Massive Events' websites there is now a Guest Talks Questions submission form that you can fill out - all we need is your question, and the name of the guest you want it asked to.


These questions will all be read and checked prior to being used at the weekend. The best (and most varied) questions will be selected and used during the guest talks each day of the event.


For those of you that have been to a Massive Events convention in the past and seen the system of filling out a small paper form and leaving it in a box, this is basically the same procedure, but it helps us to get more organised prior to the event so that you get the best range of questions on the day!


Please do not post your questions on the forums as they won't be checked, if you do have a question please fill out the form.


We look forward to reading the questions that you come up with and hope that this makes the guest talks run more smoothly in the future!



To submit a question for Better Than Life click here




AKA the bloke wot asks the questions at the show!


PS. Please note, only submit questions to guests that are currently confirmed to be attending an event, not guests that you hope will be there. Or alternatively, submit questions that can be asked to any and all guests. Thanks!

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