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I got bored so bashed this out in literally ten minutes, so don't hate please lol :jason:


The woman starred into the mirror horrified at the expression that faced her, angry that her face was betraying the emotions she had been trying so desperately to hide. Her hazel eyes were crippled with sadness and her usually flawless skin had been ravaged by tears and lack of sleep.

The stairs creeked behind her and she whipped around to confront the intruder. The man who had broken into her silence. She starred at him and noted how he mirrored her sadness, he reached his palm towards her

"Esme, please?" he pleaded in a whisper

She shook her head rapidly backing away from him as if he were an attacker and not the man she had deemed lover for so long, she clutched the small yellow blanket in her hands, and the mans eyebrows furrowed in frustration as he signed and walked further forward so she was backed flat against the wall. He noticed his own reflection, the unusually long unkept hair and week old stubble that he now rubbed with apprehension. She clutched the blanket close to her chest and took in a huge breath as if the oxygen around her was running out.

"Robert, I can't, I can't let him go" a tear shed down her cheek and she crumbled to the floor in a heap.

"Just this one reminder?" a plea breaking through her sob. She received no answer and looked up to see through her blurred version that she was alone. For the first time another emotion began to leak through the barriers of heartbreak. She could feel anger flowing, burning her throat like a flame, and she screamed out loud, a heart breaking, fiery roaring scream as she thrashed out the front door, her curls in her hair following her angrily. She started to run, not noticing the different textures of the ground under her bare feet as she ran and ran, for the first time in what felt like forever feeling free. She could see the ocean approaching, the stormy clouds creating a noisy theme, the waves crashing in appreciation, and she knew it was coming felt her body do it before her mind had acknowledge it. She was flying, spiralling through the air towards the angry mouth of water below her, still clutching to her blanket with all her might. The impact she thought should have been agonising but the cold icy water laped around her shooting the anger. It came quickly death, and the water that began to fill her lungs didn't feel suffocating, just a smog covering the pain she had felt for so long, and she welcomed it with open arms, everywhere went black.



The pain was excruciating, I tried to scream I tried to beg, it had felt like years ago since I'd been in the water, so what was this? I had died, was this punishment? A cruel torture for failing my baby?


I don't know how long the fire licked at me for, it felt like an eternity, through the agony I couldn't help but note the irony of how childhood fables of a fiery hell were so accurate. I didn't notice at first that I had regained control of my limbs, it happened slowly, first my feet then higher until I felt as if I were in control of my own thoughts. And then there was nothing but clarity, no pain just a noisy silence. Had hell reached forever? I struggled to open my eyelids, and as I did I noticed how sheer everything was, how vibrant, and how beautiful, but nothing could come close to the overwhelming feeling in my stomach and heart that I felt when the blonde man held his hand to me.


"I imagine your thirsty?" he asked, as I lost myself in the golden ocean of his eyes.

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