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Sorry but I am obssesed with writing and i just need opinions in my work!! Please Comment, i know you must be bored of me!

Lost Love


“Edward, Edward!!!!!†Rosalie's voice screamed at me down the phone. “What Rosalie, calm down!†I replied calmly. “No Edward I will not, Bella…..Bella is….â€

“What Rosalie what is Bella?†I asked anxiety filling every part of my body, a sudden jolt of worry bolted through me sending a chill down my spine. What could have happened to my Bella? I mean what could have happened to Bella? She was not mine anymore, I had left her, and now I regretted it. “Edward, Bella is… Dead.†Her sudden comment slammed down hard on me, I finally managed to understand what they meant, “What, Rosalie if this is some horrific joke…â€

“Edward it isn’t, Alice saw her, she jumped of a cliff, and she never…†Rosalie paused, “Came back up.†By this point my body was filled with rage, I had driven Bella to suicide! I had left her bleeding, and now she was dead. My soft, warm Bella, had nobody tried to save her, by leaving her I had put her in more danger. “EDWARD, EDWARDâ€Rosalie yelled down the phone obviously wanting me to reply, I couldn’t speak, I hung up. My Bella, gone forever, now there is no one, I can love, my only love lost forever, I could never see her blush red again, never touch her soft, warm skin again, without her in my world, there was no point in my being, my world was lost and pointless. I must find a way to be with her again, to tell her how much I love her, to tell her that I didn’t want to leave and how my dead heart broke when I did, but now none of these words could be told, she was gone and there was only one way to be with her again...



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