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(In appreciation to Stephenie Meyer for creating this extremely wonderful world)


I was deep in thought, staring out towards the deep blue sky and going through all my thoughts on what had happened in the past year.

Ever since that evening Edward saw my thoughts we couldn’t bear to be apart, we were living our forever, Renesmee was now getting the chance to be a child as I had wished, Jacob and Charlie was part of my life, and I had everything I could possibly wish for.


Until the worst thing happened, Edward and I had an unforgettable night and waited as Renesmee opened her big, full of life eyes to the raising sun, in that split second I threw my protective layer around Edward and my daughter, I had felt the coming attack, as my large family had predicted they would come back to take us individually. “Bella what is it?†Edward worried. “They’re hereâ€, I answered.

“Who, What, Please Bella love, your worrying meâ€, Edward questioned.

“As predicted they have come to take us individually, Aro, Marcus & Caius, They are aloneâ€, I shakily responded. I had remembered their scent; they were not that far away.

Have we got time to run, should we stay here under my shield? I thought to myself.

I didn’t think my shield would help this time, they knew my gift, so this was going to be a full on attack, they would not wait to talk this time. Edwards’s phone rang, I could hear Alice’s sweet tone from where I stood, “Edward, RUN, NOWâ€, I heard Alice bellow.

In that second Renesmee jumped on my back, and we ran as fast as we possibly could, jumping over our garden wall, and towards La Push. Jacob would understand. I hated the direction we were running I didn’t again want to put my extended family in danger.


As we approached Jacobs house, Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, Rosalie, Alice and Jasper were already there, they had explained everything to Jacob, and of course the packs were not that far behind, it was very strange to see my family in La Push but ever since the new alliance we had all become family, ready and willing to protect each other.


Why was this happening so soon, they had certainly taken us by surprise, all I could think of was my soul - my Edward, I will not live without him, my daughter, my family….


“Edward, I love you, I always have, and I will love you for eternityâ€


“Renesmee, my darling daughter, you are my life!!!, be strong and live knowing

we will love you foreverâ€


“Jacob, well what can I say†I gave him a slight knock on the arm “I love you and I’m glad that I found you and that you are my family, Take care of herâ€


We had all been through so much, there was no time for planning, the only option was to run, until our family could stand together again.


Will this be the end?...............



By Hannah Buss

Edited by Hannahb

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