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Prizre Draw Collectormania 11 - anyone else win ?

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On Saturday about 4.00 I received a text saying I had won a prize in the draw


I called back and said I was now at home and was not returning to the event


having been on Friday & Saturday


the girl who answered said if i contacted the email address on site on Tuesday / Wednesday they would arrange to send my prize ( I was told Paramount lucky bag, TShirts , Posters etc )


so on Tuesday i sent message to the email address in contact us, and i resent this today


email adress used was : info@showmastersonline.com


pointing situation out and stating what i had been told as well as asking for reply of confirmation of receiving my message, i also sent a text to the mobile number that sent me message originally


anyway so far I have heard nothing


has anyone else had similar experience ?


if so who do I contact ? to claim my prize


as a regular attendee of these events and having spent over at least a £1000 on autos


its pretty annoying that no one replys


having also had a similar experience a couple of years ago when I think I won a pass to autographica


( never knew for definite but my name was on web-site as a winner so pretty likely it was me, unless 2 of us attended with same name )


at the time i emailed several times and never had any reply confirming or denying i was the actuall winner


but rather gave up on pursuing it,


I belive autographica are part of same firm


so yet again receiving no response its even more annoying to happen again


I thought I would be classed as a very good customer to the firm running these events


any help or a reply from someone appreciated


my email was from a differerent email address if autographicawant to respond there




A disgruntled customer

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The texts were sent out during the event, but please bear in mind that once the event finished it would have taken at least a week to get everything finished off and it usually takes at least a week after that before we catch up with all the e-mails, phone calls and other paperwork.


However we would have answered your e-mails by mid May and all of the prizes were posted out by the end of May by recorded delivery so I'm guessing you received yours as I haven't heard back from you!



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