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LOST : Newborn

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This story is based on characters and situations owned by the original author/writers, publishers and distributors. No copyright infringement is intended or to be infered.


Word Count: 450



In the centre of the wreckage a young woman stands alone. She is screaming, half-bewildered, hardly comprehending where she is and what has happened. Her sticky palms clutch at the satin fabric around her neck and pull at buttons of her jacket, opening each, one by one. She gasps asthmatically in the heat of tropical sun and engine fires.


Eyes closed now, she imagines her life before she boarded the fated plane: the old world of deceit and desperation. She had been cruel and manipulative, greedy and lazy. She had lied to those she loved. She had hated herself.


Her hips swing smoothly side-to-side. Her blonde hair sticks to her face. Apologetic phrases escape from her juicy lips but make no sense to her. Blood rushes around her brain. She can hear her heart beating in her ears.




Gone for a moment…or was it longer? She doesn’t even know if she can really feel what she thinks she can feel. Swirling in a void she tries desperately to grasp reality.


“I am Shannon Rutherford.â€


Are those hands around her waist? Is that a human shape or are her eyes still closed? No, she does see a face and realises who it is. She is falling, stumbling into the man’s arms: the man with the electric touch who stares with stolen eyes.


“He loves me.â€


One flash of guilt or regret in Shannon’s deranged brain. Then she thinks no more. Her mind is detached from its fleshy prism and forms a fuzzy ball inches away from her eyes. Lethargy has numbed her muscles and sinew. Bones soft and crumbling like ash beneath her skin which burns hot and sweats cold and shines like sea-serpents.


She hears a grinding voice mixing up words: a deep, alien voice fading out to a whisper then returning too quickly in a massive buzz of senseless talk. All of her fears and worries transform into absurd laughter.


“I love him like a brother.â€


This truth and realisation feels liberating. A drum beats rapidly or a pulse is racing much too fast. Blood rushing through the ears and into the neon eyes. Shannon remembers being on the plane and looking out as it was falling. An island had been below – an island of white light, of brilliant hope. She had longed for it.


Now there is the sound of waves crashing on a gypsum shore and the wrecked fuselage of a world left behind.


The newborn sun caresses her and the ocean washes her clean. She wonders about the dichotomy of her heart and mind: part of her knows that she will be lost forever yet part of her knows she has only just been found.

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That was really interesting. I used to read a lot of Shannon fics, but then my interest in them died out, and reading this was great. I liked this one a lot. If only it could have been longer, I wonder what it would be like. I hope that you will read mine!

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